681 Truvia Red Cappuccino HRESA

Red Cappuccino made with Truvia Low-Kilojoule Sweetener Sachets

Warm and comforting, this rooibos based cappuccino recipe is sure to better your day. Sweeten to your liking simply by adding Truvia Low-Kilojoule Sweetener Sachets and this drink will surely become a favourite.

Serving size

2 cups





  • 1.

    Tear open the tea bags and place the loose leaves into a grinder until a powder forms.

  • 2.

    Place the powder into a coffee plunger and fill with boiling water. Allow to brew before slowly pushing the plunger down.

  • 3.

    Pour the tea into a cup or mug and add Truvia Low-Kilojoule Sweetener Sachets.

  • 4.

    Top up with frothed milk.